Trouble ape

In ancient times, there lived two industrious bears and a troubling ape. They lived in a beautiful and peaceful forest. The two bears lived in different homes, they liked to plant and collected food from gardening. Every day the small, diligent bears always planted the food just like his brother. However, one night a pest ape came into the bear garden to steal all the food grown. On the next day the bear who wanted to harvest the crop from his work was surprised to see what was happening. “Huh … what happened to my garden” said the bear. The bear was confused as to why there was a thief in his garden. Instantly the bear went to his brother to ask for help. “Someone stole my plants,” said the little bear. “Who stole your plants?” asked the brother bear. “I do not know, so I want to ask you for your help” answered the little bear. “Okay I’ll help you” answered the brother bear. They devised a plan to trap the thief by setting traps beneath the scattered fruit. Not long, an ape came to pick up the fruits that splatter, but unknowingly the ape fell into the bear trap “Aarrgghh … help me ..” pleaded the ape. The bear and his brother came out of the hiding place. “Oooo so you that stole my fruits” said the bear with annoyance. “Get the consequences if you steal” said the brother bear. “I … apologize bear please set me free. I promise not to steal anymore” said the ape with regret. “Okay I’ll forgive and let you go, but you have to promise not to steal and you have to get out of here” said the bear. “Okay I promise” said the ape with relief. The bears unleashed the ape from the trap, and he went from there. Eventually the bear and his brother lived in peace and safety, and the bear planted fruits as usual without the ape’s disruption.

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