The Warmth


The Warmth

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Emma. Emma lives in the suburbs, to fulfill her needs she always sells newspapers. Emma has lived alone since she was little. Winter arrived, where sales of Emma’s newspaper fell drastically. Emma is very sad, she is confused where to find the money again. Emma goes around town hoping for mercy from others, right now she is starving while holding her stomach.While walking by the lake Emma saw an old man sitting on a chair carrying a lantern. Emma continued to walk ignoring the old man.“Hey kid!” Old grandfather shouted,Emma glancing at the voice“Sit down” said the old man.Grandpa gave Emma a piece of bread, Emma happily accepted it.“Thank you very much”Emma ate the bread voraciously, until she didn’t realize that the old geezer had already left. The old man left his lantern. By the time Emma was going after him the old geezer had already disappeared.Emma returns home with the lantern to light her house. The lights on the lanterns had started to dim, Emma immediately opened the funnel to add fuel, suddenly a little fairy came out, Emma was shocked that she dropped the lantern and the lantern broke.” Who are you?!”“I am the resident of the lantern!”Emma, ​​who was still in shock, fainted.There was a quiet voice that wokeup”come on wake up”Emma slowly opened her eyes and she saw the shadow of her mother.“Mother?”“Who’s mother? I’m Priscilla!”The little elf instantly turned into a normal human. Emma is confused by it, she feels this is a dream but actually this is real. The day passed by Emma and Pricilla getting closer, they helped each other. Pricilla helps Emma sell newspapers, and Emma helps Pricilla keep her body warm by burning the used paper that Emma has collected. They already understand each other’s situation.Summer arrived Pricilla and Emma were selling newspapers, Emma saw a man wearing thick clothes.“Isn’t it too hot?” said emma“ahh maybe he is sick” pricilla calmed“should be at home” replied emmaPricilla was just silent and approached the man quietly.“What are you wearing? You will make people suspicious,” said Pricilla.“My strength is getting weaker, that’s why I’m cold”“Isn’t the sunlight enough to warm you?”“No, I have to touch the fire to stabilize my strength”“Wouldn’t that make you a baby?”“I didn’t burn myself, I just touched the fire”Pricilla left the man contemplating his fate. Until it was time for Pricilla’s body to lose its warmth, the wood and paper Emma had burned for her began to feel numb to her. Pricilla gets cold she goes outside while Emma is asleep. He went in search of warmth and would steal it from the human body. Pricilla’s new activity is stealing warmth from the human body.Emma began to realize that Pricilla always went out at night, until one day Emma waited for Pricilla until morning, and asked Pricilla in surprise.“Where are you at this time of night?”“I’m looking for warmth”“Isn’t the paper I burnt enough?”“No, never mind you don’t need to ask anymore”Emma was silent, and was ready to go to sell newspapers. When it read the newspaper highlights that read the mysterious death of two people were found dead cold as ice. Emma immediately approached pricilla and asked seriously“you killed people?”Pricilla was silent“if true, why did you kill them?”“I need a lot of energy to grow up”“I know your situation but don’t kill other people” Emma started crying“You don’t understand anything about me”“Your greed won’t make you happy”Pricilla changed into her true form which is a little fairy, and since it never came back.Suddenly someone came, it turned out to be an old man carrying a lantern. Emma, ​​who couldn’t hold back her emotions, said to the old man“Who exactly is the fairy in the lantern?! Now he’s a murderer”“he’s my daugther”Emma was shocked.“When I burn it, throw this bell”Emma was silent, and the old man left very quickly.Until finally Pricilla was found and immediately burned it in front of Emma, ​​Emma while crying threw the bell and Pricilla turned into a baby fairy. The old man put it in the lantern. It turns out that Pricilla has experienced life cycles like that many times. Emma cries because she has lost someone who means a lot to her life, Emma is finally living alone again.

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