Short Story: Helping a friend


I just got out of my pillow and started to prepare to go to work when suddenly I got a call from Aji, he’s my old friend. But I was wondering why he called me this early in the morning. “Hi, what’s up mate?” He started the conversation by asking about my condition. “Great, mate. How about you?” I asked him back while I’m wearing my clothes. Then he replied to me with a low tone, “Not really. Anyway, are you free tomorrow, mate? It’s been a long time no talk, so I just wanna chill around with you. Besides, I have something to say, dude.” Unfortunately, I can’t hear what he says at that time because I’m late for work and I have to hurry. “Aji, I’m sorry, mate. I can’t hear you clearly, I’m late for work. What about I’ll call you back at lunchtime?” I said with a rush tone and immediately ended the conversation.

While having lunch I started to call Aji back to find out what his intention called me this morning.“Hi, mate. What’s the problem?” I ask Aji on the phone. And after that, Aji told me his intention. Aji called me this morning because he is having a rough week. The company he works for had an issue with a temp being fired, he was struggling and need someone to speak. “ I dunno, mate. I’m afraid to lose this job. It’s a rough time for me. The company is downsizing and they made my position redundant,” He explained his worries with a languid tone. Then he asked me, “So I just wondering, are you free tomorrow? Do you wanna go get a drink with me?”

I already feel bad for what happened to him, and hearing his invitation makes me feel really bad. I can’t go get a drink with him, because I have a meeting that I must attend. “I’m really sorry, Aji. I can’t meet you tomorrow, because I have a meeting that can’t be canceled, mate. I’m really sorry”. But I don’t want to disappoint Aji, so I continued to say, “I was wondering if u wanna join me this Saturday, for coffee? Maybe we can hang out together and talk about your struggle”. “Of course, I’m down for that, mate. Ok then see you later on Saturday, mate.” he immediately agreed with my idea. “Ok bye, mate,” I said goodbye at the end of our conversation.

Saturday is coming and we have a meet in my favorite coffee shop. Before we met, Aji had lost his job and was very messed up when we met. We sat on the coffee shop’s table with two glasses of coffee and some snacks. “I’m afraid mate, I’m struggling. I lost my job during the pandemic, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. I don’t have saving money for living. I need a job, mate.” Aji explained his problem. “I was mad seeing my name under the list of getting fired, but I couldn’t do anything. I just called my mom, and her reaction was so sad. And maybe tomorrow I will go back to my home and talk to my mom about my career”. “I am so sorry mate, sadly for hearing that. I can feel your worries and sadness. But hey, I just remembered, my department is looking for someone in the engineering field. I think that position can suit you, man. I will tell you some further information about this job.” Aji is happy to hear that good information from me. He said “Really dude?! Are you kidding me? Oh, I am beyond happy to hear that”. “I swear, mate. If you are interested in the job, please send your CV and application letter to my Email on Monday, and I’ll forward your document to our HRD staff”. And that’s how Aji’s problem was solved. And then we enjoy a cup of coffee and talk casually about our life.

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