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Use the phrases on the list to fill in the spaces in the dialogue

List of phrases
  • I'll introduce
  • this is Paul
  • you've both got in common
  • work together
  • something to talk about
  • goodfriend of mine
  • went to school
  • do you know
  • pleased to meet you
  • this is Susan

Dave: Paul, Susan?
Paul: I don't think so.
Dave: Ok, you. Susan, , he's a very .
Susan: Hello Paul.
Dave: Paul, . We together.
Paul: Really! , Susan.
Dave: Susan's from Bristol. She's here on holiday, she's a computer programmer. Paul lives in the next street, Susan. We at the radio station. He produces film programmes.
Susan: How interesting!
Dave: That's something Susan's a big film fan, aren't you Susan?
Paul: Great! Who's your favorite director?
Dave: Well, now you've got , can i get you both a drink?

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