Penjelasan mengenai gambar character A Mouse named Mickey


This fictional character in the form of a mouse who became an icon for the company made by Walt Disney was created by Ub Iwerks in the 1920s. Mickey Mouse character has the following characteristics: Broadly speaking, Mickey Mouse is black with a big circle on the head. White date gloves are the hallmark of Mickey Mouse’s character. A pair of yellow shoes, black tail, slightly protruding black nose and red pants are the hallmarks of Mickey mouse.

Mickey has starred in more than 121 films, including short films and featurettes. Mickey is the first cartoon character to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! The Mickey star was awarded on November 18, 1978. Mickey has several different vocations around the world. For example, he is known as Musse Pigg in Sweden, Mi Lao Shu in China, while in Italy, he is called Topolino by his fans. The first name Walt Disney gave Mickey was Mortimer! However, according to Walt’s wife, Lillian, the name was deemed inappropriate and eventually changed to Mickey!

Mickey’s first words were “Hot dog! Hot dog!” Mickey made his first appearance in the animated short Steamboat Willie in 1928. The whistling tune Mickey in “Steamboat Willie” is by Arthur Collins. Walt Disney was the first to voice Mickey! Although he made his first appearance in Steamboat Willie, Mickey’s first animated film was Fantasia in 1940. Mickey has appeared at the Academy Awards: first in 1988 and 2003. He was present at the Oscars to receive the award for best Animated Short Film.

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