My little family

Hello my name ia Evi eprikayani, i am eighteen years old. I have two younger brothers and i love then both, i don’t have brother but i’m the first child. My mother id a housewife and my father is a parents are very strict and discipline. My siblings are independent to daily activity.They wash their clothes and so do i. We are taught to be tough and independent since we are kinds. I love my family very much. L learn many thongs from my parents and my siblings.we are also taught to take care each other. I am school at junior high school and senior high school on Sentul, Babakan Madang west Java. The school is islami boarding school, i learn about how to speak language and recite Al Qur’an very well. So learn to write Arabic,skills,and artis. Now i am student of university. My parents concern on their children religion foundation. My siblings and i go to same school. And my first younger brother enter to technical school, second younger brother is’nt school yet because he is three yearS old. My Bobby is swimming, my first younger brother is soccer /futsal . I have different passion from my first younger brother, because i am did’nt like soccer and futsal. So i do can’t cook yet, but i am still learning process to be can cook. Everyday i help my mother cook in the kitchen make me can how to cook delicious vegetables. My parents say i must be able to cook for later at i has marreid my husband can taste his wife’s cooking and everything my parents said and advised me that all i make to be motivation for me in the future, because what parents said is always true and bring blessings for US in the future. Long time i have dream was to become a pharmacist because i want to know the dosage and medicine when my family sick but now i want to be a teacher because i want teach children to become smart children and make the Indonesia nation proud so i want share my science what i have learned from my teachers. So now l must study by hard so that i can reach my dreams in the future, l also must get rid my lazziness to be diligent student. Despite our busy daily activities, my parents never forget to have quality time with their children.we regulary spend our weekend somewhere for example beach,cinema,mall,many other places that we like and new to try. And i do have grandmother and grandfather they are in Lampung sometimes visit US. My grandfather US so healthy and strong , he is 65 yearS old but still hoeing and planting rice in the rice field. My grandmother is very energetic. She loves cooking.i do learn cooking from her she often males cake and bread for US and those are very delicious. I think that i can’t find bread and cake as delicious as my grandmother. She also loves planting flowwrs. In my grandprants’house there are many kinds of flower in the in front garden , those are very beautiful. My grandmother takes care of them very well.

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