my desk

let me tell you about one of my favorite place in my is one of the comfortable place after my so help me when i’m studying,actually when i’m eating in my can save anyting all my stationary.especially it has a drawer to keep litle in this text i’m describing my has white colour and comfortable enough for me actually about the colour it so matching with my room so that looking more my desk there are enough markers and pens.there is air freshener in my desk so if i study here i can smell good fragrance thats why i’m feel comfortable and enjoy in my desk.those are description about my desk.hope you enjoy your desk too guys…..

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  1. Dela

    that’s right, very interesting

  2. Asti aryani

    That’s right. I agree the study table is a good place to put a little writing material in

  3. Siti safira rahmi panjali

    In my opinion, a white table is not suitable for use because it gets dirty quickly, whether it’s hit by a marker or so, but it’s back to each other’s tastes

  4. Fatmawati

    Sangat estetik untuk membayangkan keadaan yang sebenarnya , seperti tata letak benda benda yang ada di atas meja.

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