Love in silence is another level of pain

I don’t know where this all started. I never talk or communicated with him.I have only ever look at each other and it was the first time I’d seen him.And after that we are just foreigner who don’t feel for each other.I like him even in my silence.Even like that I feel happy because for me I admire someone who true person.He is a man who understands religion, soft, simple, diligent and each other. maybe one of my reasons I admire it is the similarities that exist in us, including the date of birth. Until finally  was an where I could greet and meet him, Although the discussion is always monoton. and I finally became the mood condisions. persist in this situation is really difficult and hard condisions. But being forced to retreat doesn’t day at the good day, the miss of headmaster assigned us to be together in doing the work. I don’t know what to do, as if what I’m going to do feels wrong. Unexpectedly, he gave me a book. Reading book that are still covered neatly and new. Sure enough, it’s for me, a book with the title “BUNDA”. I’m feel suprised with this, Then I took the book. day by day his attitude is changing. i think this story will be the happy ending. but at the end of the day, he’s come be a cold and doesn’t care.At that time I could only silently enjoy the beauty presented by God in front of my eyes. Him, someone who can makes me feels happy without doing anything. Who can be sad if he falls even though it’s not my right, I’m here praying for him from afar. don’t talk about heart, Let me keep it tight. I will trhow this key somewhere so I can’t see him.Because my wishful thinking is too beautiful if I feel for little. Let me feel it again and again. It’s a beautiful thing even if it’s just imagined it’s been calming. how if it becomes a reality. Even if it’s impossible

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