Look A Like But Not


      In a city, there is a mother who gave birth to twin grils. The twins are named Ella and Elly. The twins has black and shiny culy hair. Their eyes are brown and fair skin like mother’s. Everyone who saw them for the first time could not difference. They are identical twins. Her mother very love them. Her mother was always fair and never discriminated against. If Ella  wears a red shirt, then Elly is the same. If Ella buys a new doll, then Elly is the same. If Ella playing, then Elly is the same. Ella and Elly are always everywhere together. They has the same favourite food and drink. They love each other. Ella and Elly also have the same attitude. They are always cheerful and sociable.

      Ella and Elly study in the same school. They always study together. Since childhood, Ella is very likes to read . Ella is a smart student, she always achievements. But Elly never achieve even though they always study together. Elly don’t like reading. Her mom confused with Elly, then their mother decided to register Elly to course place. This is the first time Elly doesn’t study with Ella.  They mother saw how hard Elly was study. But Elly still didn’t get the top of the class. Their mother disappointed with Ella. How could Elly didn’t get top of the class again. Elly is sad because she can’t win the class.Once upon a time ther was art festival in the school. All of students must to attend it. Ella and Elly always together, because of that they are following same competition that is singing. Elly was very excited when following the competition, she sings confidently. She love to perform in front of people. She sings her favorite song. Their mother thought Ella would win. But Ella is not confidently , she is very nervouse when see a lot of people. She can’t sing well. At the and Elly reached the campion at the competition. Her mom was really shocked, because Elly never win. This is the first time she reaches achievements. Elly really excited seeing her mom and Ella congrats her because achieved the champion. Elly hopes that one day she can win again.Finally her mother realized , even though they twins and always together. But everyone has different abilities. They mother promises not to force Elly to study . They has their weakness and strength. Ella is good at studying while Elly is good at singing. Ella and Elly look a like but not. Ella want to be doctor while Elly wants to be a singer. They mother hope that their dreams come true.

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