In 2011 when I was 10 years old that’s when I had to part with my parents because maybe they were no longer compatible. That’s when I became a quiet person at home I lived with my mother and grandmother at the time, for some reason the cause and effect after 2 years of not seeing my father finally met me and took me to live with him. But when I wanted to meet my mother my father didn’t allow it, to the point that I even met my mother secretly without my father’s knowledge, it was difficult, wasn’t it? 😊After 4 months I lived with dad and I wasn’t comfortable with him, I really missed mom that’s when I cried to dad and said “I miss mom dad” The next day my father took me to my mother’s house and it was true that the daughter would be closer and feel more comfortable with her mother.In 2014 my mother said:“ Del? is it okay if mom remarries?” My mother asked.“Mom, I’m not ready to have a continued father, I am afraid that later my father will be evil and don’t love me,” I replied.At that moment, my mother immediately fell silent.One month later without my knowledge my mother finally decided to remarry. I was very disappointed that day. But it is undeniable and I am very grateful that my continued father was not like what I thought he was very good beyond my father.• My first start in junior high schoolIwas escorted by my father (I call my father continued as abi) because my mother was busy working, to the point that even my school list was brought by my father, the first time I entered school I was waited for when I got home from school by my brother, Abi always asked “how is school your? How about your friends? What did you learn today? Until I graduated from junior high school, my aunt was always watching me. So unexpected isn’t it? To have such a good surrogate father?After I graduated from junior high school my mother and brother asked me“Where do you want to go to high school?” asked my mother and father.“Can I continue to islamic boarding school?” my answer“Sure, but are you sure about your choice, because studying at a boarding school is not easy?” said my mother and father“I’m sure” I replied• The next day my family and I looked for a islamic boarding schoolFinally I chose a islamic boarding school called “Tarbiatul Huda” which is about 30 minutes from my house so it’s not too far from my house to my school. On that same day my mother and father enrolled me at the school of my choice and finally I had to part with my mother and father because I was in boarding school, after a week I was away from my aunt’s mother I was sad and I missed my family. I asked my teacher for permission to lend me his cellphone because I wanted to call my mother and brother, I told my mother and father that I missed them finally my mother and father visited me in the hostel and I said that in my dormitory the water was not clean, which made it funny my aunt rushed over I met a friend whose house was close to my school and my brother asked for permission to rent out his bathroom for me, but I refused because I was embarrassed, meaning I couldn’t accept the situation I was in and I wanted to be independent.After about 2 months I was at the Islamic boarding school I was always sick and sick, and finally my mother and father told me to move to a high school without a dormitory because they were worried about my condition at that time, I finally moved from the “Tarbiatul Huda” Islamic boarding school.I am very grateful to have a mother and father who love me very much, Allah is very good to me when I feel I am missing my biological father figure because he is not always there for me and he is always busy with his work, Allah replaces him with a very good father.Thank you, Allah😊 

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