Friendship of different faiths


“Friendship of different faiths” Hanum is a teenager who is kind, intelligent, beautiful, loyal to his friends, and always devoted to his parents. Laila is an independent, short-tempered, and selfish teenager. The two of them have been friends for a long time. They live in a beautiful and comfortable village away from the noise of the bustling city. Their houses are close together, and the same school, and the same class, so they can often be together. Where there is Hanum there must also be Laila. To the extent that they vow to be friends forever, must not betray, must help each other. Even though they have different religions, Hanum is Muslim while Laila is Christian. But this is not a problem for them. They remain united in a friendly relationship. They don’t care about the difference. One sunny day, the sun had just appeared from the eastern horizon accompanied by the chirping of birds, Laila invited Hanum to go. “Han, accompany me to Mr. Rahman’s shop, please. I need a book and a pen. I’ll buy you chocolate later. You like it right?” Invite laila . Hanum hesitated. He is doing his routine work. Sweeping the floor, dusting, sweeping the yard, washing clothes, washing dishes, and she had to bathe her sister, because her mother was away. “I’m busy la, I’m sorry, this time you go alone okay. Not too far right?” Hanum said then. “Huuuh… It’s just that you don’t want to help. You are unfaithful my friend! ” Laila grumbled annoyed . He pedaled fast. Hanum is not feeling well. But how else should it be. He had to help his mother because his father was gone. Only Hanum always helps his mother. Hanum was lost in thought for a moment, remembering that since he sacrificed for their friendship, many times he had been forced to spend hours wearing clothes until late. Because, during the day a lot of time is taken up accompanying Laila. Sometimes, mothers get angry because many customers’ sewing schedules are delayed. Hanum was forced to lie while working on group assignments. Hanum actually felt guilty for lying to his mother. All for the sake of Laila. Hanum feels sorry for Laila who only lives with her grandmother. His parents had been separated for a long time and all lived outside the city. Then Hanum woke up from his daydream, and continued his work again. The next day Hanum went to school alone because Laila had already left and left Hanum. Arriving at school Hanum entered the class right away, Hanum and Laila met, They just stared at each other, there was no greeting and reprimand between them. In five minutes the bell for recess will ring. The children who had finished working on the questions were allowed to leave the class by Mrs. Riska. Excitedly, nearly half the 7B graders rushed out, including Hanum. “Han, let’s go to the canteen with me,” said Susi while holding Hanum. Hanum is still looking around looking for his best friend Laila. The two of them are no longer at the same table, since Mrs. Riska has changed the seat of the students. This is done so that students know each other better. And not in groups. For Hanum to be friends with anyone is very easy. But not so for Laila. “I was waiting for Laila. It turns out that he is not finished yet,” said Hanum. “Wow, it’s still a long time. Earlier, when I was about to collect my answers, he was just working on question number eight,” said Susi.” “Then you go first, Sus, I have to wait for Laila. He can get angry later,” said Hanum. then “Aaaah…, we’re all friends. Come on, just this once to the canteen with us. After all, we have important plans for Laila. Come on, please,” Susi urged. Finally Hanum obeyed too. They bought tea and donuts. Then head to the bench under a shady tree. There some of his friends were waiting. When they were busy discussing something, suddenly Laila came. Her face was red with anger. His breath was ragged holding back tears. “Hanum!! you are so brave. Why did you have the heart to leave me? I can still forgive you if yesterday you couldn’t accompany me to the shop. But now you’re playing with other kids. You are unfaithful my friend. I hate you!” All silent. After a while Hanum said, “This is not what you think, don’t get me wrong, Laila!” “Alahh you lied, in fact you just left me just like that.” “Butiiiiii lailaa…” “Aahhhh it’s okay, I don’t want to listen to your words anymore, you are a traitor.” laila runs crying. And all that day, Laila didn’t want to talk to Hanum anymore, so she didn’t even want to go home with Hanum. Hanum feels sad because of Laila’s attitude. Arriving at the house Hanum told his mother. “Mom what should I do?” Hanum asked his mother, after she told him everything that had happened. Mother took a deep breath. “Honey, true friends don’t always have to be sticky like postage stamps,” said the mother. “But we have promised not to betray, the promise must be kept, ma’am,” said Hanum. “It’s a betrayal if you reveal a secret or vilify your friend to others. Friendship forever is good. But we also sometimes always need other people in this life because we can’t live without other people,” said the mother. “So, what about a good friend, ma’am?” Ask Hanum. “A good friend is always there in joy and sorrow, in difficulty or in joy, in tears and laughter, and always supports him when his friend does good. And remind, if he made a mistake. No envy. Just a sincere feeling of giving,” explained the mother. “So what should I do with Laila?” Hanum asked again. “Keep being friendly to him, so he knows you still want to be friends with him,” said the mother again. Hanum nodded with a relieved smile. ” Thank you mom.” Hanu said, then he left his mother, to do school work. While doing his job Hanum thought for a moment in his heart, Hanum was sure, Laila would no longer be angry with him. Because actually this afternoon, I, Susi, and other friends were working on a secret plan. Laila’s birthday is in two days. They will join forces to surprise Laila in class. The planned day arrived. Hanum and his classmates surprise Laila. By pouring water plus eggs and flour on Laila’s body when the school bell rings. “Byuur …,” Laila felt annoyed and very shocked, Laila was momentarily angry with her friends, because she didn’t realize what was really going on. “What is this…?” Rungut laila. And his friends immediately gave him a birthday cake, which was accompanied by the song HAPPY BIRTHDAY. “Happy birthday, my friend,” said Hanum. Simultaneously followed by other friends. “Today is your happy day,” said Susi, hugging Laila. “Thank you friends, I’m sorry I misunderstood what happened yesterday,” said Laila. Even though it was simple but it meant everything to Laila, Hanum hugged Laila to apologize, and other friends. At that time, Hanum and Laila formed another friendship that had broken. Coincidentally, Laila’s birthday coincided with Christmas. Then Laila went home with Hanum to Laila’s house. Arriving at his house, he was immediately surprised by his grandmother while holding a birthday cake for Laila. He feels happy and thanks his grandmother and Hanum.And they celebrate it together. It was getting late, and Hanum was allowed to go home. After Hanum came home, Laila and her grandmother immediately prepared a Christmas tree and celebrated Christmas together.

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