when I was sitting, I saw something beside the wardrobe that can cool my body. This thing is often called a fan by many people.This fan has a very beautiful color, which is a combination of purple and white and has various shapes in each part. besides this fan is beneficial for me and for others when the weather is hot.The fan also serves not only to cool the body but can help relieve the services of someone such as a satay maker. which is to blow smoke so that the coals burn quickly.

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  1. kartina septia ningrum

    I agree that the fan can lower the temperature in the room, but it can also cause dust to blow, and cause breathing problems.

  2. Asti aryani

    I totally agree the fan really does help on the hot weather

  3. Siti safira rahmi panjali

    Wow, elegant fan in purple and white, because I love the combination of these colors

  4. salwa zalfadira

    its a good fan,and actually fan is useful for people but don’t often to use it just not make you feel cool but it make you sick too.

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