Begawi Traditional Wedding Cases OverWhelmed The Bride and Groom.


Begawi Traditional Wedding Cases OverWhelmed The Bride and Groom.

Once upon a time, there is a wedding custom in Lampung, the name of the custom is Begawi. Almost every future bride and groom canceled weddings because of this custom, what can happen? Read this and you will understand why this custom makes weddings canceled.

In east Lampung there is a man and a woman, their name is Dodi and Dara. When Dodi thinks his age is enough to marry he decides to do that. he finds a good woman from Lampung, as happend their ages are almost the same just different by 3 months. They make special relationships until get to know each other.

And until both of them get serious each she comes to another man, the name of this man is Rendra, And makes Dara shock because Dara doesn’t know this man, turns out he is a friend of her own boyfriend. Rendra goes straight to Dara’s parents, makes agreements, and talks about the future like buying a house,weddin customs, and a lot more. In this situation Dara’s parents agree with Rendra, while Dara doesn’t like Rendra and doesn’t even think about has future with Rendra. And here Dara tells Dodi about Rendra. Dodi is very angry and disappointed because he doesn’t think his best friend will do that.

Until comes the right time, Dodi comes to Dara’s house to meet Dara’s parents and talk seriously with Dara’s parents about his plan to married with Dara, and Dara’s parents are shocked especially because his father has heart disease. Not long after that Salwa’s father fell and was immediately taken to the hospital, which made all of Dodi’s plans messy and hampered. When Dara’s father was in the hospital, Dara’s mother wanted to hasten his plans to marry Rendra and Dara, and Dara had another plan, which was to run away from home and live with Dodi so that her parents would agree even if they had to, Dara’s mother cried when she found out that Dara had run away to live with Dodi, while Dodi was just an unemployed man who only relied on affection, Dodi did not think that when he got married, he had to be responsible for Dara and her child. after a month passed, Dara demanded Dodi marry Dara because Dara was pregnant before marriage, and Dodi was silent when Dara demanded Dodi to marry her, Dara actually wanted to go home but she felt ashamed of her parents. when Dara was 8 months pregnant Dara decided to go home to his parent’s house suddenly Dara’s father was shocked and had a sudden heart attack which caused him to die at that moment. In such circumstances Dodi was silent, more precisely, he was confused about what to do because he could not pay for the hospital fees, when the business regarding the death of Dara’s father was finished, Dodi planned to marry data.

Because Dara is the daughter in the family, in Lampung custom the way to appreciate or how know the value of the child in the family is to demand the husband to marry using the Begawi custom.

Begawi custom is one of the very long traditional wedding ceremonies, which is to hold a wedding party for 7 days and 7 days and has to cut at least 3 buffalo, it will definitely cost a lot of money. While Dodi is an unemployed person. Because the plans from the family are very burdensome for Dodi’s family, Dodi decided to step down and not marry Dara.

This time Dara really felt very down and felt her future was destroyed because Dara had to have a child without a father, Dara had lost her father.

when Dara’s pregnancy entered the age of 9 months, Rendra came with good intentions, he wanted to marry dara and accept the child he was carrying sincerely. and also feeling happy because she will definitely feel loved by a man who is responsible for her future.

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