Beautiful city

One day , a small town called racoon city , a beautiful city far from the pollution of the big city, there is a high school abd above wich is very popular among teenagers in the city  its name hogwart  high school, short there are several teenagers name alice the cheerful, lucy the quiet and indifferent, bella the loner, susan the smart,and jennifer the most stubborn. They are students who go to school there. During recess they gather and discuss about an incident that occured on december, 7 1928 which resulted in the death of several women in the city and it is still a mystery how they died it is said that some people believe that they died because they were sucked in their blood by a witch who lived in the forest there in the city they believe witches prey on women who are still holy in order to gain power many times over and immortality to live forever witches usually only prey on the full moon once every 100 years and tonight is the full moon and 100 years from that unfortunate incident the six of them want to make sure the myth is true or not so planning to find the whereabouts of the creature or the witch at night they prepare to go to the forest prepare a trap for the witch with tools that they think can weaken the witch they hide near what is believed to be a temp and stay the witch. The full moon appeared,the magician who was said to be a myth came out of the cave and began to want to act prey when he was about to be caught jennifer made a sound so the magician began to suspect that someone was spying on him and with his magic he made the illusion that the place was beautiful and pleasant,everyone was complacent until finally they realized that they were the ones who were trapped and ready to be devoured by the finished witch.

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